There is a blog of the whole build, begun on the 6th November. Blog of the Build. The blog follows all the details of the build and the space since I took possession. The space is interactive through the use of PIR sensors and lit through projection. As yet unfinished. The latest video is opposite and the latest blog post here Studio Build Eight

'Garden Space Video January'

By mid November the space was defined and the drawing/painting begun, The two videos show the progress towards the end of November. The space is based on a garden.

'Garden Space Video Drawings'

In late October I sourced a studio through AxisWeb. The video shows the beginnings of the build.

'Unit 2a Video'

These three videos show an animation of the space, every 50th frame rendered (it would have taken 140 hours to do it all on my system), giving an impression of the space with a different soundtrack triggered using PIR on entry.

'test videos for environment soundtrack'

A test video for a wall presented to the left of the entrance to the space. The test is merely an exploration of overlaying videos and sounds from seperate sources and to see if and how I can present the sensation of memory. It is succesful to a degree - leaving aside that this test is just that and only marginally related in content to the piece of a whole - the overlay presents interesting possibilities for the introduction of narrative.

'test video for environment narrative'

This is first stage of a new project for which the underpinning theory is 'gesamtkunstwerk'; to create a total artwork that, as well as existing in and of itself, is mentally constructed by the involvement of audience. The experience of the viewer as 'actor' constructs a narrative through the overlay of their memories with the implied and overlaid memories inherent in the space (both physical and virtual). In essense the piece will be a tone poem that tells a range of different stories engendered through interactions with nature.

'whole studio environment walkthrough (proposed)'

The environment is constructed as as an enclose space 4880 mm deep and 6100 mm wide. The surface is painted with an abstract rendering of a garden - the examples here are based on a series of drawings and collagescreated over the summer of 2018 in my garden in Doncaster.
In this version a sculpture based on those created for Ptolemy's Garden and a video shot in my own garden give an indication of how the space might be activated.

'environment with sculpture and video'

The space will begin with an open drawing/painting into which clues of various kinds will be introduced.

This page will be updated as the project progresses

'environment with drawing only'

A purple or pink flower with five petals, the plant has long palmately cleft leaves that are broadly circular. Drifts of these used to grow in my mother's garden and I've always loved them. For a long time I've had a blind spot about the name, when I see the flowers I'm suddenly at a loss but when I can't see them I remember. It reached the point where my wife refuses to tell me what they're called. This project is about that sense of something being just beyond reach. Lethologica.