"Cyberspace is a habitat of the imagination, a habitat for the imagination. Cyberspace is the place where conscious dreaming meets subconscious dreaming, a landscape of rational magic, of mystical reason, the locus and triumph of poetry over poverty, of 'it can be so' over 'it should be so'."
Marcus Novak. Liquid architectures in cyberspace. 1991

Veil is a narrative explored by the viewer through interaction with a collection of real and virtual environments. The environments draw on a variety of sources, from literature through to computer games, but place emphasis on investigation and discovery. As an activity participation in Veil should be exploratory and slightly disturbing.

Composite photgraph from MACT 05 at Zion Gallery, Manchester, Oct 05

Veil contrasts a physical and a virtual space, interactions in the physical space trigger the virtual and vice versa. In the virtual world you experience a scenario of loss through a series of encounters with inanimate objects that act as signifiers and function as links to other worlds (virtual spaces). The story is told obliquely using still images, video sequence, animation a blog and aural evidence - music, poetry, natural sounds. In the physical space pieces of evidence attached within the tower trigger sounds in both worlds.

The piece combines personal experience with reflections drawn from other sources, for example Berryman's 'Ball Poem', Tavener's 'Protecting Veil' and other music, Burton's 'Anatomy of Melancholy'.

photographs from open event