The Arts Council Lottery Funded Project 'the geranium project(R&D)' is a combination of physical installation and Virtual Reality used to create an immersive experience exploring the translation of reality into art through drawing. The installation presents sound and film alongside Augmented Reality and traditional painting and sculpture. The Virtual Reality environment takes the participant through a series of gardens made from photographs and drawings accompanied by poetry, sound and film. The project can be experienced in around thirty minutes. The Project was blogged weekly from June 2019 and starts here.The Geranium Project (R&D) 01

'Installation Video'

This is a video from the VR headset.

'VR gardens video'

The full report of the project can be downloaded here Final Geranium Submission

The geranium project was built in Unity for HTC Vive, you can download the files here Geranium Zip