New website, work in progress.

Having been informed that my current website is out of date and not user friendly (whoever wanted a user friendly website?)I am endeavouring to bring a selection of my work together through this blog.

My idea is that I’ll be able to post work as it’s completed with a brief overview of why I made it and occasionally some other thoughts that occur along the way. So it will be random, it will be irregular, and it will contain as much rubbish as it does fairly average stuff.

It won’t be logical, or focused, or worked at in any way. Except for when it is!

For the moment I’ve put links to galleries in the menu bar, when that gets four deep and I’ve a big black stripe across the page I’ll spend time editing the theme and put them somewhere else.

As it progresses I shall add notes to the gallery pages about the work, if I can remember anything about it, some of its very old.

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