Same Old Same Old

Same Old Same Old

Same Old Same Old

torus maquette 1

During January I continued work on the lemniscate/finitude/tori path, moving the tori drawings into sculpture through a series of five maquettes. These are conceived as large scale works, eventually around five feet tall so the standard view is across the apex of the lens that tops, in fact ‘is’, the form.

Same Old Same Old

torus 1 detail

The photographs above give an indication of the presentation.

The idea behind these is discussed in Stepping Aside Occasionally, a blog post from August last year where I talk, briefly about the notion of the absolute presented by the form. It’s not original but is a way into making things again.

I started to work with styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) from packaging and eventually bought some blue foam to build the structures solid parts. What I want is for the sculptures to be spatial translations of the tori drawings.

Same Old Same Old

torus 2 maquette

torus maquette 2 detail

torus maquette 3

torus maquette 3 detail

torus 4 maquette

The fourth maquette was actually the first to be put together but fell out of sequence with repairs and repainting – I’m considering the addition of graphite elements.

torus 5 maquette

The fifth maquette is the one that uses the blue foam on its own to layer the lens that you look across.

torus 5 maquette detail

As well as carrying on with these sculptures I’ve been painting, just to keep my hand in by stretching myself with technique.

Glassware – Oil on Board 10″ square (wip)

The glassware and the table are from photographs I found so I’ve started to use views of the house instead.

Table – oil on board 12″ square (wip)

Like this view of the kitchen table.

kitchen table – oil on board – 12″ square (wip)

All of these, as you can see, are works in progress.

I put together a round of 2022 as a mini website linked from the front page of the main site.


I’ve continued to draw every day, including reaching 1000 consecutive drawings on 30th January, and you can see the January images  here

and the December images here

There is a link to the previous month’s Gallery on each page.

The drawings are posted to Twitter and Instagram each day.

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