Same Old Same Old

Same Old Same Old

Same Old Same Old

torus maquette 1

During January I continued work on the lemniscate/finitude/tori path, moving the tori drawings into sculpture through a series of five maquettes. These are conceived as large scale works, eventually around five feet tall so the standard view is across the apex of the lens that tops, in fact ‘is’, the form.

Same Old Same Old

torus 1 detail

The photographs above give an indication of the presentation.

The idea behind these is discussed in Stepping Aside Occasionally, a blog post from August last year where I talk, briefly about the notion of the absolute presented by the form. It’s not original but is a way into making things again.

I started to work with styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) from packaging and eventually bought some blue foam to build the structures solid parts. What I want is for the sculptures to be spatial translations of the tori drawings.

Same Old Same Old

torus 2 maquette

torus maquette 2 detail

torus maquette 3

torus maquette 3 detail

torus 4 maquette

The fourth maquette was actually the first to be put together but fell out of sequence with repairs and repainting – I’m considering the addition of graphite elements.

torus 5 maquette

The fifth maquette is the one that uses the blue foam on its own to layer the lens that you look across.

torus 5 maquette detail

As well as carrying on with these sculptures I’ve been painting, just to keep my hand in by stretching myself with technique.

Glassware – Oil on Board 10″ square (wip)

The glassware and the table are from photographs I found so I’ve started to use views of the house instead.

Table – oil on board 12″ square (wip)

Like this view of the kitchen table.

kitchen table – oil on board – 12″ square (wip)

All of these, as you can see, are works in progress.

I put together a round of 2022 as a mini website linked from the front page of the main site.


I’ve continued to draw every day, including reaching 1000 consecutive drawings on 30th January, and you can see the January images  here

and the December images here

There is a link to the previous month’s Gallery on each page.

The drawings are posted to Twitter and Instagram each day.

Continuing distractions.

Continuing distractions.

Another wasted(?) period of time, six weeks or so since my last post.

I spent a lot of the time working on the continued transfer assets to a newer version of Unity to allow for a cleaner (smaller) executable and for more actions within the space. Conversations and research have convinced me that I need a narrative and more interactions in the space and I think I’m going to combine them. The thing I haven’t got at the moment is words.

So I decided to take a step back and produce some developments towards sculpture based on the lemniscate drawings. The full gallery is here …

The drawings began as experiments with binders and carriers for graphite powder following the comfrey torus drawings from this post, stepping aside occasionally

studio drawing

A1 drawings made in the studio

These drawings were then torn into quarters and collaged together

A1 torus collage

A1 torus collage

And finally these collages were worked over to define a central connection and suggest a sculptural solution.

Final A1 Torus drawing

Final A1 Torus drawing

There are 16 drawings in total and I’m working on a series of maquettes.

I also made some paintings of peppers I grew this year.

Continuing distractions.

Fruit and Peppers, oil on denim, 12″ x 12″

There are six paintings and they can be seen on this link


I’ve carried on drawing every day and you can see the November  images  here

There is a link to the previous month’s Gallery on each page.

The drawings are posted to Twitter and Instagram each day.

Stepping Aside Occasionally.

Stepping aside occasionally.

At the end of my last post I highlighted a gallery of new drawings based on my explorations of lemniscates, or at least the idea of lemniscates.

I started to think about how to see a lemniscate while I’m waiting for funds to be released to make the large version of the clear resin cast that I posted in Gardens Project 12 , and thought about the idea of two circles and how they might be interfered with to suggest a continuous movement. Essentially viewing a pair of toruses such that they act as Möbius strip.

first leminscate maquette

first leminscate maquette – paper, thread, piano wire – 42x10x23

second leminscate maquette

second leminscate maquette – paper, thread, piano wire – 42x10x23

I built the maquettes above to see if I could find a quick way to explore the concept through physically building rather than constant drawing or virtual modelling. I needed to step away from the virtual for a while after working intensely on the gardens project.

Finitude Large Drawing

Finitude Large Drawing – ink, guache, floor paint, charcoal, gesso – 100×80

From the maquettes I made sketches and then a smaller series of drawings (most of the drawings for this project are done on Amazon delivery bags) using limited colour. The rest of the images can be seen here

finitude three drawing

finitude three drawing – guache, gesso, floor paint – amazon bag

Another deviation from this was to build the torus form from comfrey leaves and observe the drying of the form over time.

Some sources found while I was searching for solutions to the transition between finitude and infinity. The Postmodern Peripatetic, Christopher Brinkley’s philosophy blog gives a background to infinity as a concept.

The prolight+sound (Frankfurt based entertainment technology trade fair) has a brief review of Refik Anadol’s exhibition “Temporary Immersive Environment Experiments” from 2015.

Or take a look at the very impressive website

Park Youngjin discusses Badiou’s “L’Immanence des vérités” in which he rewrites Plato’s allegory of the cave suggesting that “Truths are absolute, in that the dialectic between finitude and infinity leads to the creation of the œuvre endowed with an index of absoluteness.” in this article in Nature from July 202.

Stepping aside occasionally.

comfrey leaves and thread – 22cm dia

I use a trail camera in my garden and make films from the footage captured, this film is from 13th August when my camera fell from its stand and faced the sky capturing the movement of the trees and the sun for the whole afternoon. I’ve got a full two hours of clips assembled as a film and I made this fast forward version as well.