Gardens Project 10: “One apple behind another, some distance apart.”

Gardens Project 10:

One apple behind another, some distance apart

mixed media drawing of the garden at Tickhill Road

Large Garden Landscape (work in progress) mixed media drawing of the garden at Tickhill Road

I saw a bird in the garden this morning, it wasn’t moving. When I went out to see if there was something wrong I saw that it was one apple behind another. Some distance apart. “

I’ve spent a good deal of time mistaking things for something else. In essence I made a career of it. I often see birds that aren’t birds, rabbits that are frozen into instants waiting to be caught by a passing glance. I once saw angels stirring their wings on the facade of the Sagrada Familia and shifted my feet to see them turn to plastic bags.

This morning the silhouette of a deer in the distance resolved into a woman walking a small dog, and a large stone used to stop joyriders. Is it true that the closer you get to things the more difficult it is to name them?”

Distances in the garden arranged like a victorian toy theatre, the flats guarding the succeeding views as you wind towards the fence. Out of the side of your eyes birds flit between branches punctuating your progress with commas.”

small mixed media drawing of the garden at Tickhill Road

Small Garden Landscape – Version One small mixed media drawing of the garden at Tickhioll Road

Reification or Gestalt Figure-Ground? Is the illusion created by the action of recognising an implied form or by the failure to distinguish a form from it’s surroundings?”

This morning (another morning) a bird flitting through the trees next to me landed on a branch and became a curled dead leaf waiting to fall.”

This morning (another morning) a pigeon turned into the leaves of a bramble by my feet.”

small mixed media drawing of the garden at Tickhioll Road

Small Garden Landscape – Version Two small mixed media drawing of the garden at Tickhioll Road

These notes were made over the last month as I try to articulate the things that are driving the Gardens Project. I’ll post a more in depth look at that that I’m working on at the moment.

As well as spending more than 200 hours working on the terrain for the first chapter of the Project (It’s not complicated I’m just not very good at remembering how to use 3ds Max so I’m relearning) I’ve been painting again.

5 small paintings of mushrooms picked off the lawn, and some poppy heads

Dried Poppies from the garden

Dried Poppies from the garden

And I’ve just started a still life of the bathroom window sill.

bathroom window sill

bathroom window sill – work in progress

I’ve also got two more months of drawing every day

The finished gallery from September can be seen here

and October through this link

The drawings are posted to Twitter and Instagram each day.

I also completed the drawings that illustrate the beginning of this post, and made some small paintings of holly leaves that I’m not sure about yet.

One apple behind another

Large Holly Leaf

One apple behind another

Holly leaves

and made a maquette of oak leaves as part of the gardens project introductory scene.

oak leaf maquette

oak leaf maquette

Garden’s Project 5: Miro Deviations

Garden’s Project 5: Miro Deviations

I’ve been working on the Garden’s Project for a while now, and as I’ve said before I worked a new world, ‘Miro World’ alongside it.

Garden's Project 5: Miro Deviations

Miro – I Work Like a Gardener

Miro, J (2017). I Work Like a GardenerNew Jersey: Princeton Architectural Press.

This book is a conversation between Joan Miro and Yvon Taillandier about his life and work. First published in a limited edition in 1964 I discovered this new edition last year and have started working with Miro’s paintings as a result.

‘Miro World’ is a 3d interpretation of a small set of paintings from 1924-25; The Hermitage from 1924, Catalan Landscape from 1924 and Dialogue of the Insects from 1924-25. The paintings are all from the time when Miro had just developed the language that symbolises his Catalan heritage and the mark making that anonomizes the imagery and brings it from a collective unconcious.

I made the worlds to test things I wanted to achieve for the Garden’s Project initially but it developed a life of it’s own. The journey starts in the landscape of the hermitage, at a campsite with the constellations of summer overhead, a woman at the campfire, a farmer in the distance with a bull in one direction and a river in the other. You explore the landscape to find doors which you pass through to the other spaces. The next is the hermitage, later in the day, and both these worlds have a sound track of ‘concierto de aranjuez’ by Rodrigo in an interpretation by Luis Manuel Molena and the Orquestra de Camara Musica Eterna, released under a creative commons license.

From here you progress to the Catalan landscape, facing the hunter with his rifle and a freshly killed rabbit, there is a sardine in the background and the soundtrack is a ‘sardana’, a Catalan folk dance – ‘Joves Ileons’. This reflects the writing in the original image that says ‘sard’, and may be a reference to the dance or to the sardine.

From the Hunter you progress to the dialogue of the insects, finding yourself in the long grass with strange creatures flying and running around you. The soundtrack is a field recording of a summer meadow, when you find the door you return to the hermitage.

Interlude – Brief Catch Up for February

Brief Catch Up for February

leBrun Bather version four Brief Catch Up for February

leBrun Bather version four

Just a very quick post so I’ve got something to show – I’m working on a new post for the Gardens Project, which was just rejected again for funding through ACE.

I’ve revamped the website  – and I’ve been working on another project, two pictures below, that I’ll say something about later.

Lemniscate - Front

Lemniscate – Front

This was built in plaster and has been cast but this is the restored original.

lemniscate - Back

Lemniscate – Back

These are for a commission.

I finished the Draw Every Day for January

Began February

And, while I was revamping the website, discovered some older work and made a gallery of it