Wading Through Mud

Wading Through Mud

(Another New Studio)

This has been a busy couple of weeks since my last post (link to post) with work on the NHS Barnsley project which is progressing but will be the subject of another post when it’s completed.

Distractions aside I continued to work on the large drawing I’d started but didn’t post last time out.

Wading Through Mud

Large Rose 11/08/23

Then (11th August) it looked like this, there evidence of some changes in the centre at the bottom but it doesn’t work, too structured and neither one thing nor the other.

WAding Through Mud

Large Rose 14/08/23

So I decided it needed some stronger blogs at the top right and some on the left and below to draw it together. This is the state of play on 14th August.

Wading Through Mud

Large Rose 18/08/23

I decided to move everything up a bit and strengthen the overall force of the circular composition. This is after the 18th August.

Wading Through Mud

Large Rose 25/08/23

I needed to think about it for a while and I worked on the UKSPF project while I did that but felt like it had no presence so I attacked it with white paint and this is what it looks like on the 25th August. It hasn’t changed since but illustrates how you can work your arse off and things will still go wrong.

So I’ve left that for a while, who knows how long, Howard Hodgkin  used to turn his paintings to the wall for two or more years so I’m not going to be in any hurry.

I have a desire to get much simpler with the physical work – I’m also trying to get back to the world building in VR – so I started to work on a new drawing of apples I have in the studio. I see this as part of a sketchbook with AR elements that will include the birdsnest, and drawings of my Doc Martens and the garden at Tickhill Road.

Wading Through Mud

Two Apples 29/08/23

The first drawing is just the apples on a sheet of white paper and I thought it interesting how the colour balance changed when I added the shadowed wall next to the window.

Wading Through Mud

Two Apples 29/08/23

I’ve completed the UKSPF project bar the publication, the images can be seen in this post “Not Building”  the video is a quick run through of how it works. I might reduce the size of the videos as much as I can.


I’ve continued to draw every day;

The August drawings can be seen here

and the July images here

There is a link to the previous month’s Gallery on each page.

The drawings are posted to Twitter and Instagram each day.


Place Markers, not Milestones

Guy Debord, The Naked City, 1957

For today, after experiencing some drift myself, I’m putting this here as a placemarker. If you’ve followed the blog you’ll have an idea of what I mean by that as the work I’ve been doing is psychogeographical.

I’m struggling to articulate the work and its underlying theories without establishing a road map and this situationist approach seems to be the most appropriate for now. I’ll post my thoughts when I know what they are.

The image is from McDonough, T 2004, Guy Debord and the Situationist International: Texts and Documents, MIT Press, Cambridge. which is sitting on my desk as I write.

December 2012

First post since August, what more do you need to tell you I work in education? 20121229-172905.jpg

So I’ve reached the end of the year with a mental block only marginally released by walking the dogs. The images are based on piles of gardening materials left on a council plot behind the local Academy.I started to produce the images before I took the photograph. There are more of them on the galleries page of this blog.
December 2012
I have begun to work the idea up with series of larger drawings, but early days yet.