Transcription continued

Continuing to work on the transcription of Caspar Netscher’s ‘a child plucking a rose’.

There is a third macquette underway and I have ordered 7.5 kg of air drying clay to develop more. The scope of the transcription grows, as all work inevitably does, as it progresses. I was reminded of James Joyce’s ‘on a flower given to my daughter’ from Pomes Penyeach.

Frail the white rose and frail are
Her hands that gave
Whose soul is sere and paler
Than time’s wan wave.

Rosefrail and fair — yet frailest
A wonder wild
In gentle eyes thou veilest,
My blueveined child.

Obviously the connection with ‘Rosefrail’ but also, and for my own reference, the Imaginary Daughters project. Of which more later.