All Sorts of Stuff

All Sorts of Stuff

(Another New Studio)

Another gap between posts due to being distracted by other things. The Doncaster Platonics app is on track but proving a little difficult for a variety of reasons. As a result I decided to look at the monoprint drawings I did developing from the first set of lemniscates with a view to sculptural work.

All Sorts of Stuff

Finitude 4 drawing

The drawing is from the small set of Finitude drawings  I did in August 2022. Below you can see this large drawing and the monoprint drawing ‘finitude 2’ in the studio.

All Sorts of Stuff

Finitude drawing and monprints in the studio

This is a 360º view of the studio with the framed Doncaster Platonics images on one wall, opposite the view above.

The studio on the 2nd August

These views are of the studio on the 2nd August with the beginnings of a set of drawings playing on the idea of Twombly’s “Untitled(Roses)” made for the Museum Brandhorst in 2008.

These were developed directly onto paper after reading Dean Rader’s “Before the Borderless:Dialogues with the art of Cy Twombly” and the desire to have colour in the studio. The drawings can be seen in this gallery.

Studio Corner on 4th August

The drawings were stretched to hardboard sheets after being work on loose paper, and subsequently reworked. The effects of the water based paints on the loose paper were such that the works had to be re stretched face down to flatten them out for possible display and to see what they really looked like. The view above is from 4th August.

Studio Corner 7th August


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