Be a bit Pirate AR

Be a bit Pirate AR

A short while ago I made myself an AR animation to go wih my business card, the post Gardens Project 14, says a bit more about it and I’ve wanted to do more since.

One of the arms of my ever growing octopus of projects is looking at platonic solids and developing drawings and sculptures around these forms. The work then becomes about itself rather than it’s subject; materials, textures, colours and other qulaities of surface and form become more central to the piece. So I started to play around with building AR accompaniments to drawings and ultimately models of the figures.

This first piece uses a photograph as the source but was originally worked off the 3d model. Part of my thinking is around the idea of imperfect platonics, as if they were crude representations made as simply and quickly as possible. Both of these are recorded from my android phone.

The next stage of the project will involve extended the range of models and the nature of the the solids in relation to the classical elements. The example above is my first attempt with the tetrahedron and fire.

Be a bit Pirate AR

Studio View March

The model for the tetrahedron was made from hand made paper deliberately because it presents difficulties, it is hard to finish evenly because the paper is buckled. The thickness, about 2.5 mm, would appear to offer a good join but the twists and turns of the surface work against it.

tetra model on a sketchbook

tetra model on a sketchbook

I used this view of the model as a target for the vuforia file and the apps will tie in quite easily to the object itself.

I’ve obviously continued to work on other things as time passes, writing applications for grants for example, and I’ve also worked on some other drawing.

Be a bit Pirate AR

Because Therefore

This drawing arose as a another tentacle of the mathematical symbols research I’m still engaged with.


I’ve continued to draw every day, including reaching 1000 consecutive drawings on 30th January, and you can see the February images  here

and the January images here

There is a link to the previous month’s Gallery on each page.

The drawings are posted to Twitter and Instagram each day.