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Draw Every Day - May 21 - iPad drawing

Draw Every Day – May 21

Draw Every Day – May 21

One drawing each day for May, alternatively drawn with right and left hand, starting with left hand IMG_0310.

IMG_0318 was completed on May 5th 2021 and marked the 365th consecutive drawing on the iPad using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

You can see previous months through the galleries page https://www.ian-latham.com/blog/galleries or see go straight to April’s drawings here…

After making two more drawings IMG_0319 and IMG_0320 I began a real sketchbook on May 9th 2021 when I drew the house and the cacti IMG_0326. IMG_033 is left handed, then IMG_0340 is left handed and they proceed with alternate hands from there until IMG_0366 which is right handed, then IMG_0367 is also right handed and they alternate again until the end of the month.

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