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Tori Drawings

Tori Drawings

I decided to develop a series of drawings based on the form of the torus deliberately to take me away from the Gardens Project [Link]

There are about sixteen drawings, that began with experiments in using different acrylic  carriers with graphite powder, these were then collaged together to make new drawings and the collages were then worked over to suggest complete forms to be taken into sculpture. I did some work in Photoshop to try out options but, as you can see in the gallery, they were not very successful.

There are five photographs of the intial drawings in the studio, followed by numbers 3991 to 4024 that are the intial collages, then three versions of 3992 and two versions of 4024 edited in Photoshop. Finally there are the sixteen drawings that arrived in this process, numbered from 4026 to 4058

These images are a further development of the lemniscate drawings in a previous gallery and are discussed and described in this post

The original series of drawings is based around the idea of the lemniscate and can be seen


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